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Have a question you don't see answered here? Email us at support@learnlux.com or call 1-844-748-0675 (8am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday).

What is My Accounts?

My Accounts allows you to connect account balance data from your financial accounts with LearnLux. LearnLux uses that data to show a list of account balances, as well as your calculated net worth.

We use Plaid to provide members with a secure way of connecting with your banks. 

How often are my accounts updated?

Connected accounts may take up to 5 minutes to fetch data once they are added. Connected accounts are updated every 24 hours.

Can I carry over my connected accounts from another program?

For data security and privacy purposes, LearnLux is a separate system from any other programs with connected accounts that you may have used. We recommend taking note of the accounts you have connected in your other program(s) and apps so you can easily add them into your LearnLux app.


Information about data access and security when using My Accounts.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Email us at support@learnlux.com or call 1-844-748-0675 (8am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday).

Is it safe to connect my financial information through LearnLux?

At LearnLux, we understand the importance of keeping your financial information safe. We are committed to keeping your information secure and this is why we chose to partner with Plaid.

Plaid is a safe and secure way to connect your bank information. Many major banks and credit unions have partnerships with them. Plaid is also used by popular financial apps such as Venmo and Stripe. Your information in Plaid is encrypted and LearnLux never has access to your login credentials. By using Plaid, LearnLux does not have access to your login credentials, and can’t make any changes or transactions to your accounts. 

For more information, please see Plaid’s article on Trust and Safety.

When LearnLux retrieves my financial data, who has access to it?

The types of data that LearnLux retrieves from your financial institutions depend on the particular connections you’ve established and the information made available by your financial institution. The data is then shared back to you (the LearnLux member) via the LearnLux app. LearnLux will never share any personal financial data with your employer. LearnLux does not share your data with any other apps without your consent and does not sell the personal information we collect. 

Can I remove my data from the My Accounts feature?

At any point if you wish to delete your data from the LearnLux program or no longer want LearnLux to have access to your data you can. On a connected account, use the dropdown to select "Unlink". This will disconnect your institution from LearnLux. If you have any questions we’re happy to help, simply contact us at support@learnlux.com.

What data does LearnLux access from my financial institution?

At your direction and with your consent, we access information from your financial institution if you choose to connect your financial accounts through LearnLux. 

The types of data that LearnLux access depends on the particular connections you’ve established and the information made available by your financial institution. This information may include, for example, account details such as account name, account type, billing dates, and account balance.

Please note that the data collected from your financial accounts include information from all your accounts (e.g., checking, savings, and credit card) accessible through a single set of account credentials. For example, if you have multiple credit cards with Chase bank, authenticating with your Chase bank credentials may provide LearnLux with access to see your multiple card balances.

For more information about the types of financial data that LearnLux accesses through the Plaid integration, please see How Plaid Handles Data and their End User Privacy Policy. LearnLux’s privacy policies can be found on your organization’s LearnLux app, or learnlux.com.


If you encounter connection issues when attempting to link your financial accounts, we are here to help. See below for the most common error messages along with what actions you can take to try to resolve these errors.

LearnLux provides the technology that enables members to connect financial accounts to your financial wellbeing program, but we do not have control over the information made available by your financial institutions or the functionality of the apps you use. Our support team is happy to help to the extent we can.

“Couldn't connect to your institution.”

This error message appears when we’re unable to complete the linking process, which can happen for a variety of reasons. For some reason, your bank was not available at the moment, and you should try again later.

“Username or password incorrect.”

If you see this error message, we recommend confirming your username and password are correct by logging into your financial account directly, and ideally from a secure web browser (as opposed to a mobile app). Sometimes, when you log into your financial account on a web browser, your financial institution may have additional prompts for you to complete before you can access your data, and those prompts may be what’s preventing LearnLux from connecting your account.

Also, when searching for your financial institution while linking to LearnLux, double-check that you are selecting the correct institution––there are many financial institutions with similar names, and selecting the wrong institution will result in an error noting that your credentials are incorrect.

“Action required with your account.”

Some financial institutions require you to take specific steps to enable your accounts to be linked to third parties like LearnLux.

Please log in to your bank account directly on a secure web browser (not via a mobile app) to confirm your online banking settings enable you to share your data before retrying your connection attempt through LearnLux.

“Username incorrect.”

When you update the username associated with your financial accounts, LearnLux notifies your connected app so that they can prompt you to re-connect your accounts using your new username.

If you have recently updated your username but your connected app has not provided you with the option to re-connect your accounts, try adding the account again, or contact the app directly. You should only ever link your accounts using your current username and password.

“Your account settings are incompatible.”

For some financial institutions, certain types of account configurations or settings mean LearnLux will be unable to establish a connection with your institution. We are working with many institutions to resolve these issues and provide you with the access you need.

If you have specific questions about your financial institution, please feel free to reach out to us via support@learnlux.com or call 1-844-748-0675 from 8 am to 6 pm EST Monday through Friday.


Troubleshoot some common scenarios you might see with My Accounts.
What if I can't find my bank, credit card, or financial institution in LearnLux?

Plaid's technology provides connections to more than 11,000 US banks and credit unions. However, if your bank, biller, or financial institution isn't showing up in the search results when adding your account, we don't support it at this time. 

You may also want to try these tricks to improve your search results:

  • Search for the name of your bank exactly as it appears on its website. For example, “1st Credit Union” may be listed as “First Credit Union”.
  • Search for the issuer listed on the back of your card instead of searching for the generic term. For example, Chase, MBNA, or Bank of America instead of Visa
Something looks wrong on my accounts. How can I fix this?

LearnLux is set up to check your accounts for updates every 24 hours. If an account balance doesn’t seem correct, the easiest solution is to wait for LearnLux to sync the most recent account data.

If you believe there are errors in the data you’ve shared with LearnLux, it’s important to verify with your financial institution that your information is correct. While LearnLux enables you to share your financial information with your financial wellbeing program, your financial institution is the source of truth for your data. 

We suggest that you contact your financial institution if you believe there are any errors associated with your information. If the information reflected in LearnLux does not match the data held by your bank or financial institution, then it’s possible that LearnLux is not accessing the most current information available. If this is the case, you can either wait for your information to automatically update, or contact LearnLux for assistance at support@learnlux.com or call 1-844-748-0675 from 8 am to 6 pm EST Monday through Friday.

My account was connected, but now it’s not showing up.

On your My Accounts page, you may notice that an account that was previously linked is not showing up. In cases where LearnLux has previously supported a connected account with a financial institution, but can no longer reliably connect or access data, we may remove an institution from our search flow for a period of time or indefinitely.

This can occur for a variety of reasons, from bank server reliability to online banking system upgrades or changes, to a decision on the part of the institution. We will get this account back up and running as soon as we can.



Have additional questions about the My Accounts feature? Our LearnLux support team is here for you. Email us at support@learnlux.com or call 1-844-748-0675 from 8am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday.