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Mental Health and Money

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Money on your mind? You’re not alone. Money is the #1 worry for employees of all income levels.

There’s no question that money and mental health are closely linked. This is especially true in the workplace today, where the blend of home life and career makes leaving our problems behind virtually impossible.

Although employers have embraced mental and financial benefits, it’s time for their strategies to be more closely considered.

In the guide that follows, join us for a deep dive into the mental stress of money. You’ll learn more about the effects of the money and stress spiral, then leave with actionable solutions and a clear path forward.

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About the Mental Health and Money eBook

Financial stress adversely impacts mental health. Poor mental health makes managing money a challenge. These difficulties result in worsening mental health and money problems, and so on.

Mental health and financial wellbeing eBook

In this guide, you'll explore:

  • The mental stress & money spiral
  • Impacts of mental and financial stress
  • Actionable solutions, and more

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About LearnLux

LearnLux is the leading workplace financial wellbeing provider that blends fiduciary digital planning with access to one-on-one guidance from Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals. LearnLux's award-winning program equips employees with a financial plan to guide them through decision points like budgeting, paying down debt, electing benefits, understanding equity compensation, starting a family, buying a home, saving for retirement, and more.

Advanced reporting keeps our partners in the know, and drives results like reduction in financial stress, increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, greater use of pretax products, on-time retirement, and healthcare savings. LearnLux members feel great about their money, allowing their work and wellbeing to thrive.

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