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How LearnLux helps employees navigate their equity

Offering equity is a powerful way to keep employees invested in their work. It allows them to own a piece of the business and gives them a personal reason to help it grow and succeed.

However, equity (and its tax implications) can be difficult to understand. This leaves employees confused, and at risk of making costly decisions.

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In this guide, we’ll share a few common scenarios that employees might experience. You’ll learn how partnering with a financial wellbeing program that offers trustworthy guidance with Certified Financial Planner™ professionals can help employees understand their personalized situation. This empowers individuals to make the decisions that are best for them and their families.

Ultimately, employers and employees both win when equity is explained in a friendly way and big decisions are guided by experts.

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About the Guide to Helping Employees Navigate their Equity with LearnLux

In this guide, you'll explore:

  • How LearnLux helps employees navigate their equity
  • Employees With RSUs
  • Employees With Incentive Stock Options
  • Employees With Non-Qualified Stock Options
  • Outcomes

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About LearnLux

LearnLux helps employers reduce financial stress in the workplace by offering employees a high tech, high touch financial wellbeing program to take control of their financial lives. LearnLux blends digital lessons and interactive tools with on-demand Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals to provide unbiased holistic financial wellbeing for the modern workplace.

Each company we serve enjoys custom lessons, a tailored benefits portal, advanced reporting, and affordable scalability. Our team of CFP® professionals are true fiduciaries — they never push products or take on personal clients. Our mission? To help every employee create a personalized plan and feel confident about their finances.

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