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What is LearnLux?




My company offers LearnLux.

Great! Head to your company's LearnLux partner page to sign up or sign in. Need a little help getting started? Jump to the FAQ for info on how to:

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  • Get in touch with our team

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My company doesn't (yet).

Everybody deserves financial wellbeing benefits. If your company doesn't offer LearnLux yet, we can send you resources to ask your HR team or contact them on your behalf. Click here to request Financial Wellbeing at your workplace.


How LearnLux Financial Wellbeing Works


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Common questions about LearnLux.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Reach out to us any time at support@learnlux.com

What is LearnLux?

LearnLux is a financial wellbeing benefit offered at no cost to you by your employer. The personalized program allows you to learn with educational content, plan with interactive tools, and take action by speaking to an unbiased Certified Financial Planner™️ (CFPⓇ). LearnLux helps you take control of your hard-earned money so you can feel financially confident and reach your goals.

Who is LearnLux for?

Our award-winning financial wellbeing program was created for employees of all incomes, ages, genders, races, abilities and levels of financial confidence. LearnLux’s holistic guidance helps you whether you are just starting out building credit and saving for a rainy day or preparing for big milestones like buying a home or planning for retirement.

Where is LearnLux located?

Our offices are in Boston, MA, and Austin TX. Our team works with employers and employees across the entire United States.

What makes LearnLux an effective Financial Wellbeing program?

LearnLux is completely independent of any financial institution. Our digital program and team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals are fiduciaries and are the most aligned with your personal financial needs.

LearnLux is configurable and personalized for each employee. Enjoy custom employee benefits lessons, a tailored benefits portal, and support every step of the way.

LearnLux is holistic, meaning we provide financial planning, guidance, and education to meet your needs in all phases of life.

How does LearnLux make money?

LearnLux is paid for by your employer. There is no cost to you. We do not sell any products or investments or take any commissions. We do not make money any other way outside of the fee charged to your employer to provide this benefit to their workforce.

Does LearnLux have a mobile app?

The LearnLux program is built to be digital-first and is accessible on desktop, mobile, tablet, and any internet-enabled device.

How do I sign up for LearnLux?

Head to your company's LearnLux partner page to sign up or sign in. This is often yourcompany.learnlux.com. Can't remember your login page URL or need help signing up? Reach out to us at support@learnlux.com.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
  1. From the login screen, tap Forgot your password?
  2. Enter the email address associated with your LearnLux account and click Reset Password
  3. Check your email - the password reset link will come in a message with the subject “Reset your password for LearnLux” from “noreply@yourcompany.learnlux.com”. It may take a few minutes to arrive, and be sure to check your promotions and spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox
  4. Click the link to open the Reset your password screen
  5. Enter and confirm your new password.
  6. Log-in with your new password
How do I change my LearnLux password?
  1. Log in to your LearnLux account
  2. Navigate to the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  3. From the drop-down menu, click My Settings
  4. On the left side if your screen, click Change Password
  5. Enter your Current Password, then your New Password twice to match
  6. Click Update and your password will be changed


LearnLux blends digital education with interactive tools & access to Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals.
Can LearnLux help me create and maintain a budget?

Yes. Whether you manage your budget in a spreadsheet or are building one for the first time, use LearnLux’s interactive budgeting tool to understand your cash flow and model out new ways to save. It’s easy to use, and there’s no calculator needed.

Can LearnLux help me elect my employee benefits?

Yes. Benefits decision assistance is one of our specialties. Use LearnLux’s lessons, tools, and calls with our financial planners to make the benefits choice that’s best for you and your family each enrollment period.

Can LearnLux help me understand my stock options?

Yes. LearnLux offers financial guidance around ISOs, NSOs, RSUs, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, vesting, and more. Check out the lessons on stocks and stock options on the LearnLux site. When you’re ready for one-on-one advice at key decision points, like understanding the tax implications of selling your stock, or understanding your total compensation, set up a call with a LearnLux Certified Financial Planner™️ for personalized guidance.

Can LearnLux help me understand my taxes?

Yes. The LearnLux site includes a wide range of lessons on taxes from getting organized to how to use your refund.

Start with “Time for Taxes” to get the basics on important dates and deadlines for this year. Check out “Should I File My Own Taxes” “Tax Time: Let’s Get Organized” “Tax Time: Deductions” “What to Do With Your Tax Refund” and “Tax Filing Extension” and more for a deeper dive.

Wondering how much is taken out of your paycheck in taxes each month? The Budgeting tool shows your real take-home pay with taxes broken out so you can understand the power of pre-tax contributions and lowering your tax bracket.

When tax time is coming up, book a call with a LearnLux planner so you feel extra confident filing (and don’t have to call HR with questions). When it comes time to file and submit, that’s where you take over.

Can LearnLux help me invest my money?

Yes, LearnLux’s proven financial methodology helps you make the best decisions for your personal situation. Our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals can share certain strategies and teach you best practices when it comes to investing your money. However, they do not manage assets and cannot recommend specific securities.


Our team of fiduciary financial experts are CFPⓇ professionals, the highest level of certification that a financial professional can achieve.
How often can I meet with a LearnLux financial planner?

You can connect with a LearnLux financial planner via chat, email, phone or video call. How often? That’s entirely up to you. Planner calls are free and unlimited through your employer's LearnLux program. Our mission is to help you reach your goal, which can take one or multiple meetings with your planner. The average we see is about 1-2 times per year or at key decision points like refinancing loans, buying a home, starting a family, changing retirement saving strategy, or creating an estate plan. 

Can my partner or family members join me on my financial planner call?

Yes. We encourage you to invite your partner or family member(s) to join you in speaking to a LearnLux Certified Financial Planner™ professional. You can also share access to the digital program with your family to proactively manage finances together.

When I book a call with a LearnLux financial planner, will I be contacting a call center?

No. All LearnLux financial planners are employed in-house, personally vetted and background checked by our team.

Planner calls and chats are assigned on a round-robin basis, so you will speak with the first professional that’s available. If you would like to request a certain financial planner, or book subsequent calls with the same financial planner, we are happy to accommodate.


LearnLux exceeds industry best practices to keep your data safe.
Who owns my data?

Any data you share with LearnLux will always be yours. We exceed industry best practices to keep your data safe.  We will never sell your data. Our data security measures meet or exceed compliance standards. Information security is at the core of our tech and business operations.

Where does LearnLux store my data?

We host our servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data is encrypted to ensure total security. Only your Certified Financial Planner™️ can access your personal information. Your employer can never see your personal information.



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