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Financial Wellbeing Buyer's Guide

Just starting your search for the perfect workplace Financial Wellbeing program? On a mission to shift your current financial wellbeing strategy? Either way, we've got your back.

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Download the digital 2021 Financial Wellbeing Buyer's Guide for a deep-dive into:

  • The definition of financial wellbeing
  • Key components of successful financial wellbeing programs
  • What financial wellbeing programs are on the market today (and how do they compare)
  • The ROI of financial wellbeing

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About the Financial Wellbeing Buyer's Guide

“What financial wellbeing program is right for my workforce?” It’s a question on many HR and Benefits professional’s minds, and it’s what probably brought you to this buyer’s guide today. Hi, we’re LearnLux. Nice to meet you! We’re a mission-driven company that believes all employees (no matter their income, net worth, or level of financial literacy) deserve to feel confident about their money.

Who this guide is for:

Benefits professionals & consultants at companies that are passionate about employee financial wellbeing.

What you will learn:

  • The best-in-class definition of financial wellbeing
  • What makes a modern financial wellbeing program successful? (and why traditional programs fall short).
  • How top financial wellbeing vendors compare on key features
  • The best ways to really calculate financial wellbeing ROI


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